Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A fine line between Laughing and Crying.

Tanya has been busy like most of us preparing for a great Christmas celebration.  It has been a difficult Christmas for her being the first one with out her mom Larisa.  I guess that is what made it extra special for the friends at the dump and other families that Larisa always remembered when Tanya showed up.  

To put this into perspective, the value of these food bags is likely more then they would make in the month working 7 days a week , a good month at that.  It is such a fine line between Laughing and Crying. 

Over the years Larisa had worked hard to help families to keep their kids out of the orphanages and out of the dump.  To do that you need to have regular contact and help people with some of the small things and some times how to make the right decisions in life.   So along with the families still working at the dump, Tanya also went to visit many of the families and kids that Larisa worked with , including some that we have known from the dump from years gone buy.  Here is our young Christmas child today with her mom and little sister in their own apartment .

After a day of deliveries,  Tanya has regrouped, then will be taking a bunch of the men from the mens home out to a restaurant for a Christmas celebration meal. ( photos to follow ) 

 Christmas morning...

 Everyone was up early doing their chores, Milking the cows, feeding the chickens, watering the green house, shoveling the driveway , and yes , cooking a big Christmas dinner for everyone who comes home for Christmas.  

Spinach ready for harvest ..  Now that they are established, the more we cut them and give them away, the thicker and stronger they will grow. .. Its kind of like Kingdom Currency .. the more we bless others , the more we are blessed ourselves 

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