Sunday, December 15, 2019

Next up .. The orphanage that many of our farm kids called home

This morning we were blessed to be able to make a donation of $300 on the farms behalf towards Christmas for the unreached.    This will be such an encouragement as well for the community  that is working on this special event.  We also sent the funds to cover Christmas for Auxana's family, including the purchase of the documents for her home. 

We are doing great with the Christmas wish Catalog.  Many of you have been supporting, and we have begun preparations in Kyrgyzstan.  We have been able to transfer funds to get started with many of the different parties and special purchases and we hope to top them off a bit more before Christmas .  

Every few days we have highlighted a different need .. The next up is a Christmas party for  an orphanage with minor disabilities.  At this point we do not yet  have any donations in for this ...

This is the orphanage that many of our kids from the farm have come from, and it is extra special for them when they are able to take part returning to the orphanage to "give back" .. The joy and satisfaction that they get each time they return with a car load of produce, or meat , or fruit from the farm can be seen on their faces.  This was the family that raised them for the first 16 years of their lives.   Please consider helping us with this need .. There are about 100 kids over Christmas here , and we  would like a minimum of $10 a child.   Please take a moment and help us buy sponsoring a single child, or ten.. It all makes a difference.

As I am typing this,  I received this photo of a lady receiving a lump of caol for Christmas ..   Such a blessing for her .. thank you to those who have sponsored for coal ..

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