Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Looking forward to Christmas

Here is some fun news that we have been working on.  This Christmas, we have not forgotten that we have three of our promising young stars at school in Cincinnati Ohio.  While there we have the opportunity for them to not only see a bit of the USA but also spend some time over Christmas with some of our friends / sponsors who they know from Kyrgyzstan.  
  Julie and I along with Emma and Jengish and Aiden will head for Cincinnatti.  We will share at AP, including a mens breakfast on the 28th, then on the 30th we will put Vladic and Arthur on a plane  for Minisota, and then on the 31st Melody will join us and we will head on to Florida for the week.  If anyone would like to help with some travel and spending money ( a little Christmas bonus ) for the kids trip, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. 
They are all so excited for this opportunity a special thank you to all those who have invested into their lives ... 

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