Friday, December 15, 2017

On the seventh day of Christmas ....

Many children are placed in orphanages simply because there is no other child care available for working parents , or worse, they are left home alone all day .  We have been working with village officials to solve this by opening a kindergarten / day care that will have room for up to 200 kids from the surrounding villages. 

bringing in bunk beds 

standing in front of the newly renovated building 

The cost of such a project is huge .. We have supplies beds, fridges, stoves, ovens and washing machines , close to $5000 worth of furnishings .  The opening was still $10 000 from completion .  With another NGO a plan was hatched that if we could find 10 NGO's or businesses to each raise $1000 we could be ready to open.  I agreed to this on the condition that I was the last donor  this time .  Once it was  $1000 away from opening we would bring money to the table .  

I just received word that the others have all come through and that the final supplies have been ordered .  The community families are even having a big open house yard sale to raise funds for stocking the shelves .   

What a great lasting gift to a community.  one that will make a real difference in kids lives, not home alone, and not growing up in an orphanage ..  If your family, business, service group or church group would be interested in helping with this, 200 kids will have the care they need . 

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