Saturday, December 23, 2017

On the 13th day of Christmas .. crisis situation

For a struggling mom with 5 adopted children life certainly has its ups and downs .  She  has worked so hard to prepare for the winter.

this morning there was a little mishap and her winters hay supply has been lost .    To replace the hay she is going to neeed about $500 if there is anyone that would like to help with this need .  

all thats left of the winters hay 
Here is the letter I just received,  

Haloo John . Want ask you a help ... Now Lena has called to me and cried . She has stress. She dont know what to do. She has gone to a market to buy food for Christmas but on this moment Lenas son was at home and has set fire to all hay for the cow... Boy told that he play with fire but didn't think that it happen. she bought hay for all winter and spring ....... She could feed a cow all winter and spring the grass in the field won't appear yet. firefighters have put out fire but hay couldn't have saved unfortunately. Now she hasent food for the cow. She can't buy hay .. she needs about 150 bales hay . It will be best Christmas present for this five adopt children... I think if we are able to help this family together that their Christmas won't be such sad. John please share this story with brothers and sisters I believe that GOD will take care of this family.

1 hay bale costs 170 som. 170 som * 150th hay = 25500 com work to put hay of 600 som. This price on a market in Kemin. It will be convenient and is closer to her on a market to buy. And that she could choose hay.

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