Sunday, December 17, 2017

On the 8th day of Christmas


Up at the Kashar ( Ranch )  It can be a busy place, and will be getting much busier.   We would like to put in some running water so that we could set up a shower / banya, as well as a kitchen. and eventually an in door toilet. But that,s getting a little ahead of our selves.  Right now we would just like to have a tap at the house and a tap in the barn.  and maybe water for a garden and fruit trees.    The cost of this water project is expected to be around  $800. We will  put in a cistern, then pump threw filters and a UV light so that the water is guaranteed clean ..

Kids from a local orphanage playing Frisbee for the first time. 

One of many meals served at the yurts 

entertainment around the fire 

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