Thursday, March 09, 2017

Yurt shopping

Today we had an appointment  to look at a yurt !  

You have to know that the story does not end there .  They were given directions to a little village about 1/2 hour away  but of course that was just the home of the relatives who would take them another 10 miles UP into the mountains.  

They drove until the snow was above the running boards then abandoned the car and went on foot..  fortunately they were able to find a horse, so Julie got to ride . 

eventually they found the prize that they were looking for    This family has a daughter going to University so they need to sell one of their yurts to pay her tuition.  

A deal was made, and as soon as the road is open enough to get the farm truck up the mountain we will have the first yurt for the ranch. 

Earlier today we went to the baby hospital to see how things were coming along.  The waiting area has an artist there now that is painting the walls and ceiling. 

the tiling is finished in the 2 bathrooms as well. 

We are just a couple weeks away from the grand opening of the hospital.    We  just have a few last needs to see this to completion.  we need some more lighting , $300 and some more money for the labor to finish the flooring, another $440.  We would like to be open by March 23 , so if anyone was interested in helping with these needs we would appreciate it .  

Yesterday we went out to the farm for a woman's day celebration. 

this day we had 52 guests from 9 different countries .

It was a beautiful day .  Emma and Jengish had a small potted flower for the girls . 

 Well that is the last two days in a nut shell.  Looking forward to when we are not so jet legged. 

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