Friday, March 24, 2017

New water line is in

Did I happen to mention how happy I am that spring is here .. We have so much to do and the winter hung on so long that it has put us fa behind.  Before we know it the planting season will be on us, and then the work will really start .   

Over at the main house, the new water line is berried out tot he road .  we got down about 2 feet crossing the driveway, then hit an old concrete driveway that is about a foot thick so we have wrapped the pipe this insulation, and will cover it with more  insulation to stop the frost. 

Yesterday we started the footings for the addition,  there is already a foundation there , but it was not level, as well we wanted to get the base plate of the walls up off of ground level . 

We had some guests at the guest house so we took them for a drive up to the ranch .  While there our little friend from next door came to say hi .. a quick deel was made, and he got to take the  hunter for a drive, and we got to take his horse for a spin. 

the snow has finaly retreated from this section of the mountain.  and today they will come and turn on the power, so hopefully we will be able to start the platform for the yurt on Tuesday. .  The yurt itself is still deep in the mountains and continued snow has delayed being able to get it for another week or so, but that will give us time to get things set up. In this video Emma and Julie are standing on the site that we chose for the yurt. 

everyone  is working so hard.  Even late last night the boys are working at cleaning the strings and weeds out of the blades of the rototiller so that we can continue working the fields today. 

We just got word that the bunk bed are ready for the kindergarten, and they will come out on Monday morning to deliver and set them up.   Also today Sergey is heading to the city with the man we are helping to set up a business.. they are hoping to get the rest of the tools in the city. 

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