Monday, March 27, 2017

A bit of a frustrating day.

I received a message from a young man we know here  In the past we have given a loan for his school and he was very faithful in paying it back. Today he is about to finish his final year and has until April 10th to have his tuition and dorm paid in full or he will not get his diploma. 

Hello John! My name is xxxxxx. I am a student of the 4th course at the University. I am writing to you with a request for help. I have a difficult situation with payment of full tuition and living in dormitory, because of the difficult financial situation in the family. Parents are temporarily unemployed. In the family besides me three more children: two younger brothers (first- ninth grade, and the second-second grade) and younger sister (in kindergarten). Every year, I was earning money for my education and paid for, but this year turned out awkward. In this year i wanted to start a business, have invested my money in my business and I went bankrupt, unfortunately. Two years ago I also had the situation I needed 8 thousand soms, you loaned me and really helped me out. I am very grateful for that. If this year you could be able to help me to pay the full tuition and for living in dormitory, I'd be able to finish my education in the University in this year, and after graduation I will be working and will be able to repay the debt.  the total needed for me to continue study by April 10th is 60 thousand som ($ 869 US) for a contract 19 150 som($277 US ) payment for dormitory.

we brought more guests up to the ranch yesterday and as soon as we got there the young guy from next door with the horses came over for a visit and a trade.. our guests rode the horse around the mountain and he got to drive the hunter around the mountain.

We are thrilled to see a new business start up with some investors from Canada .. looking forward to seeing great things. 

One of the highlights of our day yesterday was to receive news that FLIGHTS ARE BOOKED for or friends from Espanola to come for a visit to the farm in the fall.  They are heading to Romania , and hay thats close right ? 

we have started pouring the new foundation under the house, and repairing the shutters 

we are really pleased with this Burgundy brown color.  Emma says its good because the other color of brown is what people use to paint the floors and that would be disgraceful to  paint your hole house the color of a floor. hahaha 

Dustan needed new clothes.. he had grown out of everything so we brought him to the bazaar  for this dapper new outfit. 

while at the bazaar they picked up new socks for the rest of the kids on the farm . always a welcome treat . 

The arm broke on Marats glassed, so I took them in to the optometrist to see if he could fix them . Marat will be having another operation in a couple weeks, and will have a different prescription after that, so we just needed a temporary fix. He said "lets see" ,then  took them from me and snapped the other arm off, then snapped the lens in half and crumpled the frame up and then dropped it on the counter and said " No I can't fix them you will need to buy new ones"  I believe I am being tested because I DID NOT reach over the counter and punch him in the head ..... it must be an example of grace.!   instead I called Jengish who had some words, and today I went in and picked up his replacement pair. 

I had ordered eight bunk beds for the Kindergarten . they were supposed to be delivered today at 10 am .. at 11:30 we tried calling and they were going to call the driver and see where they were , again at 12:00 , 12:30 and 1:00 but she never returned our calls with an answer , so finally at 2:00 we got a hold of the owner of the company who said that they had already delivered and set up the beds ....At Chui Orphanage..... problem is that they were not for the orphanage they were for the Kindergarten.
Finally at 3:00 they showed up with the beds, all assembled , so now they would not fit in the door and would all have to be taken apart and reassembled inside.  

On a hopefully brighter note, the new doors and windows for the kitchen and green house will arrive tomorrow.  Lets hope it goes a little smoother then today . 

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Karen D said...

John, you get EXTRA blessings for not punching him!!