Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring is here

Spring is finally here, and was kicked off with a community  Nowruz celebration.   It was fun to get together with every one,  They had tables set up representing each street in the town, and prizes for the best set table , and best singers and dancers. We got to spend time at two tables as the farm is on two streets in town . 

The duck made its reappearance for the celebration.  

We have the extra door in now for where the addition will go on the house.  the other three sides of the house are finished and now starting to work on scraping and painting the window frames and shutters. 

Today we also picked up all the materials for the addition of a bathroom and laundry room. 

At the main house we have started gutting out the kitchen.  the plumbing has all but given up and we need to replace it all..also we will put in some hoods over the cooking appliances. 

Nothing is ever as easy as you think though ,  When we stared removing the rotten water pipes, we realized that they are bad right back to the road, so all new lines will have to be put in . Fortunately we have some great workers at the farm that are busy digging as I type this 

 We should get the addition framed up this week,  Saturday the power company is coming to the ranch to hook up the electricity there, so next week we will be able to start work on the platform for the yurt.  

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