Friday, February 19, 2016

Letters from the farm

The last three weeks we have been traveling with Emma and Jenish and sharing about the farm, and the many projects that we have on the go right now. There are so many amazing things happening there, the abundance of the crops that they have been able to give to hundreds in need, and the barns overflowing with animals, all a testament to the incredible outpouring of support from followers like you. But every time we come back to the real purpose behind what and why they are there. The farm is that safe place, a fresh start or a new start.. or in some cases a first start at life. A place where the most vulnerable can come and learn and grow and develop to their full potential. If there is any doubt as to the effectiveness of your support, the above is just a few of the excerpts from some letters that Emma brought with her from Kyrgyzstan from the kids ... Thank you to every one who has given to the creation of this special place. As we prepare now to head back we are excited to see what is next. 

 Some of the projects to watch for this spring; new roof on the Hospital Clinic, the boys house at the farm and the poultry barn; new automated green house, an addition to the barn built last year to add more room for cows, many new fences to allow the chickens ducks and geese to be free range. We will be welcoming a new tractor to the farm as well as a utility trailer, two more dairy cattle and a milking machine. 
We are looking forward to the arrival of possibly three teams this spring. We will take this time to continue to bring excitement and blessings and most of all HOPE  to those that come our way.     


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