Friday, February 26, 2016

Feeling Blessed

Well Jengish and Emma are getting settled back in Kyrgyzstan and life for them is staring to resume.   They are getting ready for our return next week, and the arrival of a couple teams following that.  Today he met with some of the builders that will be helping with several of the projects... 

 New barns, new fences, a couple new roofs , including one at the Baby hospital clinic. The biggest project this spring will be the green house. We also need to pick up some more animals from the Bazaar  With all the work going on, we are thinking that it is time to get a truck that would be more suited to the work then Jengishes SUV.  We are also anticipating a much larger harvest this year as we will have 5 gardens planted rather then just the two.  Today he found this old Soviet truck that would be a great multi purpose truck for us.  We will just wait on the financing .      

Earlier today they were out to the farm checking in with everyone .  They were excited to be back , and pleased with how well everything did in their absence .. It is such a blessing to know that things have come along to the point that they can get away here and there.  

the Teenager pigs are sure growing 

Goosey started laying eggs before they left and is now settled in to her new job .. sitting on the eggs .. it may be just the job for her as she is not much of a walker .. everyone needs to find what they are good at !
the free range poultry is doing well.  Soon they will have a large barn to go into at night, as well as three times the yard divided into three pens that they will rotate through .. We will plant Apple trees in their runs as well so the space will have a dual purpose .

The newest calf is doing great as well  

Since Tractorbeck came to the farm, the goats, sheep and cows are looking so much healthier ,  The right food balance makes all the difference. 

We just brought the cows down from the mountains .  They did not fatten up as much there as we had hoped, so we will let Tractorbeck see what he can do with them 

these are the bulls he has had the last couple months 

baby pigs are all growing as well 
The kids have been working on basket making , out of old news paper , here is one of the baskets almost done and ready for varnishing 

They just sent us this picture from Aigula's birthday last week 

The farm is great , the animals really make it feel like a real farm. and it is so rewarding to have so much produce hat we can share it all winter with those in need.. But Hands down .. the greatest part of "The Farm" is the kids that call it home.  I know where they have all come from and what they have experienced in their short lives is more then many of us would experience in a life time. Every thing I have struggled as a parent to protect my kids from has happened to these kids .. Yet they are resilient, and once they are exposed to LOVE, and a HOPE for the future, it is amazing to watch them grow and flourish 

Baktagul is now in her final year of Nursing .. 

Over Christmas we were in Niagara Falls with our Son and his family for a couple days .  and like everyone does when you travel, you pick up a t-shirt for your loved ones .. So today he kids got their t-shirts .. they were so excited .. there was no need to try to get them to smile today .. they are starting to get the hang of it pretty good . 

Well our bags are almost all packed, including about 6 extra bags of Vitamins and medical supplies that the team will be bringing with them next in a couple weeks .  We will go visit Julie's Dad tomorrow and get the boys for an over night , then Monday we will head for the airport.  We are connecting through  Turkey this time, and since our layover is so long ( 12 Hours ) Turkish Air is treating us to a complimentary six hour tour of Istanbul including lunch .  Julie is really looking forward to it.. Then we will hit the ground running , but so excited about all that is going on this spring.  

I picked up a letter today .. in it was a cheque for the work, but with it was a note to our office  here  that was the real blessing .. it read 

"I Can't even get my mind around how God has so blessed and led them !!" THANKS

We agree , and it is through people like you that he has blessed us and made it possible for us to return.  We know are blessed to be a blessing to others. Something that we NEVER take for granted .. so to all of you .... Thank you. 

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