Tuesday, July 01, 2014

You are cordially invited !

Now that Jengish has his visa in hand, we are so excited to be able to go ahead and make it official .  On July 19 you are invited to the wedding of Jengish and Emma.   The wedding will be held in the Westwood park near our home in Norwood.  Arrive at 10 am service at 11am .   Bring your lawn chairs, bathing suit along with a special dish to contribute to the pot luck lunch following the ceremony , this will be a picnic as opposed to a formal event, so come, enjoy yourself and celebrate with us the wonderful event. 
  So this is it... this is your invitation.. For more details if you are able to come, you can email me at sunmasterjohn@aol.com 

Since Emma and Jengish will be returning to Kyrgyzstan to live shortly after the wedding, and due to the fact that they are only allowed 1 bag,  They will not be able to receive wedding gifts here, but for those of you who would like to get them a little something, we have set up our own registry at the Tokmok Bazaar @ http://www.jengishandemma.blogspot.com/
 Here are a few examples 
Tea Set $35 - $40

Stainless steel cookie sheet  $15 .. photo of Jengish   priceless

Kazan    $20 small  $40 Large 

For lots more great idea's go to  
If you are not an on line type person, the registry will be available at the park as well. 

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