Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jengish in Canada , and the work continues in Kyrgyzstan

Its great to have Jengish with us here in Canada , and a real relief that he made it in time for the wedding next weekend .  They have their marriage licence and are ready to go .  Jengish is reminded once again that everything is bigger in Canada 
Unfortunately the mosquitoes are a bit much for Jengish  and he is not so happy with that . 
Now the bigger cars are a hit with him
He likes the bigger horses as well .. this day was an extra bonus for him .. Friends of ours donated a tractor to him.  Emma and Jengish are going to start farming in Kyrgyzstan.. a great way to help kids transitioning out of the orphanages and living on the streets.  They will learn about farming and with the tractor they will be able to have jobs plowing fields 
Jenish did a little work himself , one trip around the border of the lawn ,then Brooke came for a visit , and Bekah had to finish for jhim .. "Thank you Brooke" says Jengish 
Grammy Pammy is happy to be able to spend some time with him as well 

 Today we were sharing at northview.. That is the church that Codys father pastors. They had provided about 600 lbs of vitamins, as well as over $2000 in mad money for the last trip.  

Cody gave a report about many of the events that he was able to sponsor, and the others shared the significance behind each of the events .. Our goal was for people to have an understanding that these events are more then just having a good time, but they play such a significant roll in bringing hope and dignity to so many .   

 The day went very well .. they all did a great job. 

Back in Kyrgyzstan, we got news that the mattresses and blankets have been picked up .  there are 100 of each here that are on their way to the mountain camp.    This dream is still not covered, but we were running out of time so we went ahead with it .  We do have a couple places that are working on this though .  There is a VBS in NY that is going to try to help us out, as well you can go to im1ru  where they are also working to try to meet this need ... $1700 is a lot of money , but when you consider that this is was the last obstacle standing in the way of hundreds of kids getting to go to Camp, not just this year but for years to come .. Kids like kids living from the dump.. or kids who lost their homes in the fire, or the kids from many of the struggling families that we work with.. There are just so many , and I am thankful to Sergey and his team for organizing this and providing so much of your own time and resources to make it possible ..  we are so honored that we could be a part of this . 

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