Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What I do have I give to you !

We live for moments like this ... and if we don't ... we should !

As part of the Pie in the face Christmas Challange, Anya and Sergey gathered up a whole team that went out to one of the orphanages and put on a full concert, and a Christmas movie, along with some amazing gift bags for the kids ..

The message was clear... these kids are not alone ...

Anya heads  up a team at on of the orphanages .. 

see how many of these faces you recognize from over the years  !    

Emma and the Director watch on ...

They even had a movie for the kids 

look at that smile 

and that one 

but the greatest gift was that this team went and gave of themselves ...  Bekah with her BROTHER
"Gold and Silver I have not.. but what I do have I give to you !"

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sammyweltenpi said...

Are you kidding me? This is what living is all about! A great "Giddyup" to you and your team.