Monday, January 28, 2013

Last week and Next week ....

It has been a little while since my last post .. sorry Jack haha... but Julie and I decided to just check out for a much needed week .  God was so good that although we were still in daily contact with the girls,  There were no major crisis , still lots going on , but nothing draining .. It was so nice to just sit in the sun and empty our heads .  I did not realized we needed that .

Well Holiday over and back at it ..  
Friday we had a great visit with Andy Stokes and his wife, Lisa, from Give First Ministries    What a great couple , and such an encouragement .   Saturday the encouragement continued with a missions banquet in Millbrook where we met up with Ed Dickson from Loads of Love .  
Ed has been such an inspiration to us and for us .. his wisdom and experience has been  with out a doubt the greatest asset to us and the work that we do .. what an honor to be speaking at an event with him .
Sunday morning was missions Sunday at our home church in Norwood.  There ,we along with our friends from Missions of tears , shared about what it is to be CALLED... Again we were a little humbled to be on the slate with Gordon and Dianne Lewis , they have done such incredible work and have been a couple that we admire and respect for the 20 years that we have known them .  
Sunday Night it was more words of inspiration from Ed .   This weekend was about sharing the work with others, but what it did was to recharge us and remind us what we are doing and why we are doing it.  

We have a couple days now to get caught up, then it is off to Minnesota on Friday . There we will be meeting with our friends Tim and Hillary and there family .  Then Saturday we will be with a group of supporters for a Kyrgyz meal at the home of another dear friend Micah (Jengish) and his forever family.  A family that we have as well come to love and respect.  Then on the 3rd, we will be introduced to the congregation, at   Calvary Chapel Saint Cloud  . 
we will be sharing in the morning service  819 West Saint Germain Street, Saint Cloud, MN 56301 . at 10 am

Monday we will be in the Francisco Bay area .. details to follow soon... 
On the 7th we will be at the home Bill and Ivy in the Simi CA.  there we will be having an open house.. with some very special guests joining us .. The Lajoy family 
(Any one wishing to attend this event, please contact us and we will give you more information.)

 The LaJoys have not only come to be great friends of ours, they too are a source of inspiration ..   A family pieced together by God .. They have encouraged and mentored more families then even they would know.  They have been there  for us over the years and have always been available with words of understanding and wisdom when needed .. we are blessed to have this family on the journey with us,  I have no doubt that anyone that is able to attend this event will be blessed ... and Changed
As well , be sure to drop over to the LAMb site to see what the rest of the LAMb team has been up to, and has in store for the next few weeks ... amazing stuff .

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