Monday, January 28, 2013

The message lives on .

Exceedingly and abundantly more then you could ask or imagine . 
 One of the key philosophies  of ministry that we learned from our friend and previous pastor was that when God moves and intervenes to help someone, he often will meet that need exceedingly and abundantly more then you could ask or imagine.  I can't tell you how many times I heard these instructions from him..

John and Ron ,Central Asia 2003 
I watched him in action over the years.  When ever he was used as an instrument of Gods blessing, he always took it that one step further ..   Hopefully a trait that you have seen in the practices of Julie and I .

What Ron may not have realized is the significance of that training, and it was not just us, but the girls were listening too.

Last week a young student sat in a dorm room wondering what  to do..  out of food and  hungry..Calling out to God for help.. then at that moment there was a knock at the door.. it was Emma and Bekah .  They were out delivering food packs ... at least that is what we had arranged, but in an email to us this student shared .. Not just food.. tooth past, soap other toiletries, and so much more .. the words used    " More then they could have ever imagined".   so much so that it was undeniable that God was in this, sparking a long conversation. .

Today Julie was talking  to Bekah ... she was so happy, and feeling blessed , because she had an opportunity to be a part  of Gods blessing , and again this was recognizable by " Exceedingly and Abundantly more then they could ask or imagine "
While delivering those food hampers, they found three kids living in a little room , cold, no heat and no food, they were given a choice ,.. a light bulb or a single hot plate.. but not both , when it did warm up during the day the water would drip in from above and run in across their dirt floor .  I won't get into all the details here for their sake, but it was obvious that something had to be done .

Bekah took on the task of finding them suitable housing ,  today she had the privilege of handing them a key to a beautiful fully equipped newly renovated apparent in one of the best area's of town..   Way more then they could of ever asked or imagined .. you would think... but shortly after the kids left they were back... they had to come and tell the girls,... they went in to the apartment and were blown away... but when they went into the Kitchen, they were overwhelmed and humbled .. it was at that moment that they knew that they were truly loved.. not only had God brought someone to intervene for them and that they found themselves in one of the nicest apartments they had seen .. "more then they could have ever asked for or imagined"... but the message came to them in the " exceedingly part.". When they went into the kitchen, they found that the girls had not only bought them some food, but had filled the cupboards and put everything in its place..

They were given not just a place to stay , but were given a home... and the assurance that God loves them.. exceedingly and abundantly more then they could have asked or imagined ... thanks for that lesson Ron.. the message lives on ...

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