Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the Joy continues

A few days ago I shared a photo on FB of our young Baktygul heading to see her grandmother, and the excitement was that she was able to bring her a Christmas gift... now that might not seem like much , but when you don't have much, it sure goes a long way to restoring dignity 

There is another fine young lady that lives with the girls , Kamala is a student at IUCA , and for her, this is her first Christmas .. and what a Christmas it has been .  She too has had an opportunity to give. 

Baktygul, Bekah, Kamala, and Emma 
Yesterday was the Christmas party for another orphanage we support, Svetly Put. Kamala was there to lend a hand .

all the kids were given gifts 

after a little visit and gifts were given out, the kids were all loaded in a bus and taken to a restaurant 

This day was organized by Jengish, so of course they did not stop there .. along with supper they all got to go to a movie "The life of pi"

good job everyone.. and thanks to all who supported the Pie challenge ... the joy continues

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