Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They CAN and THEY ARE.

Yesterday we met with an amazing group of kids .   In the spring , just before heading to Kyrgyzstan, Emma and Bekah brought Jengish with them to speak to a 5/6 class.  There message was that kids can make a difference.     They shared from their own experiences about working in the Humanitarian field.   

    Shortly after our visit , we got word that the class wanted ton do something to help.  They decided that they anted to buy cloths for the next girl that arrived at Dayspring .  they raised $100 for this .  

Their support did not stop there .. a couple weeks later we got word that they had raised another $140 and wanted to by all the girls new summer dresses, as well as bathing suits, and then a picnic at the beach so that they could go swimming..   That was such an incredible day for the girls, and a wonderful way for them to kick off the summer . 

Then the next donation.. that's right ,,.. once they started , they just kept on going,  they purchased an awning for the new playground .. it is portable so it can go over the sand box or over he inflatable pool .. this will make it so that the kids can get so much more use of the playground.   

But of course, that is not all... this week when we were meeting with Lynn and Ruby, we were discussing how the family transition would go when the new parents came to Dayspring..    One of our thoughts was that during the transition, everyone could go to the mountains for a couple days, or to the lake.. there they could have lots of fun together, and get to know each other before making the switch,... as well Ruby will be ably to lead them in some games and activities designed to transition them.  Ruby was very thrilled to hear that these kids had raised another $400 to help with this .   

32 children with a burden... It was so clear to us when we met with them yesterday that it is a burden that they carry for the Dayspring girls.  Questions that seem so simple for kids ..simple solution.. " can you just bring them home with you .."  why can't we adopt them...   why do you have a home for girls and not boys...what happens when kids  are to old for an orphanage.. How much money do we need to raise to help them too. ?"  

32 kids with a desire to help, a desire to GO and a desire to make the world a better place.. their minds  are not clouded with all the reasons that they can not make a difference.. but have a clear understanding that they CAN... and THEY ARE .    

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