Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eternally Ruined

A few last minute details before we leave in the morning . . We bought a bunch of big storage tubs so that we could store the food for Altynai's famiy 

start up food for the kids . 

Joe gathered up a bunch of the kids for a day of bowling and dinner .

Then last night we went out to the village to celebrate Buckets birthday with he and his family.  He just turned 30 and this is the first time he has celebrated his birthday 

 This was a shot that Julie took as we were out for a walk last night .. we thought it was cute
I have just divided out  the last of our money .. utilities for our apartment , the guest apartement , Bekah's apartment in Bishkek, some of the families we support, some of the medical and dental still on going ... and so much more... when I was all done, |I realized that I needed to borrow some money to get to the airport in the night .

We just finished our LAMb teem meeting about 1/2 hour ago, and the house is a buzzz with phone calls  and people at the door.. but I must say that I think we are ready to move on to the next stage of this adventure .. we are leaving our Girls behind, and heading back to the west with our hearts full of huge burdens and feeling a sense of  urgency for so many of them..W e know that all is in Gods timing  .

with 3 hours left before we go, Joe is just starting to pack... I think it's his way of denying the departure... He has been eternally ruined  ..

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