Saturday, June 30, 2012

Learned well .. you have .

Just a little update on the girls .

 Emma has been busy, mostly in the Tokmok Area.  She continues to teach English to a few special kids, she is also busy as an advocate for others.  She takes it very seriously.  Ever since Emma was little, she had a very strong sense of right and wrong, but what always bothered her was when she saw an injustice.. that continues today.   She may be quiet, but she she understands that at times , for the sake of the chld she is advocating for .. SHE WILL BE HEARD...

Bekah is working mostly in the city.  She has been helping with arrangements for several guests that we have had since we have been away,  She is also assisting teams from another NGO organization in Bishkek,  Along with that , she has been assisting with travel arrangements etc for some other friends arriving soon.  In her spare time she is also keeping up with several of the projects that we are connected with .

There is so much going on right now , but we are confident that everything will work out, because we are blessed with a couple incredible daughters..  Julie and I were just saying today what a great job they are doing .  We wish that we could be there ourselves , but believe me , Julie and I could do it no better then these two.   Actually many of you will have experienced their hand in action over the last month.    We are just so proud of both of them as they follow their callings ... 

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Lisa Brotherton said...

John and Julie
taught well you have!
my daughter Chloe and I have had the honor and pleasure of being the receipiants of their graciousness and kindness.
Thank you for letting us stay st your apartment last night. And thank you tor raising such amazing girls. truly the world is blessed by their spirit and presence.