Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a quick update

We are busy getting things settled before we go.  Bekah is set up in her apartment in Bishkek  and we are now working on Altynai and her family.   The renovations are done, and we have the first layer of  construction dirt cleaned up.  Today Joe and I will go back and help them give everything one last clean, then this afternoon we will move them in.

  Julie, Emma, and Altynai are at a Lamb meeting today.  This will be the last one before we go, so Julie wants to make sure everything is covered and that they will be ok until Ruby and Lynn get back in a few weeks  .

The hospital bed project is all finished and the playground if finished at Dayspring.. We have 29 kids school sponsorships arranged, and the renovations are going full tilt at the mens home .

Visa's are all under control , Emma and Bekah's to stay, Larisa and Tanya's to go.. and Kostya and Olga's and their family to come .... We are working on Emma and Altynai's work schedule's for the summer

and my ride is here so I will post more after .

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