Friday, December 03, 2010

Talant steps up to get a pie

Today I want tot tell you about a friend of mine.. in fact he is one of my best friends . His Name is Talant. It is kind of strange when you stop and think about it , that we would be so close .. I grew up in Central Ontario in Canada , and began my career as a cook in a small family run restaurant.. Talant grew up in a very remote village in the foot hills of the Himalaya's and began his career as a sheep sheerer .. With no common Language between us, we have come to be brothers...
I guess what has brought us so close is a burden that we both share... that is to bring hope to the hurting and lost of Kyrgyzstan. Talant appears in so many different area's helping so many that I am always amazed that he always has time for me when I call.. I don't think that there is a time of the day that we have not worked together in one area or another.. from hospital trips to airport runs, or even as a security guard/ councilor helping us with late night rescues.. Talant is there .
I have known for some time that Talant has a few areas that he works that are dear to his heart.. one is a project to instill family values in the Kyrgyz community, and another is to keep families together so that the children do not find themselves in an orphanage.
Talant works closely with a blind society in Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan is a difficult place to make a living, but with almost no social network , and businesses with out the financial means , finding a job for some one that is blind is next to impossible. The immediate thought is to put the children into an orphanage.. Talant has realized that with a little help.. food .. clothing supplies... many times he is able to make it possible for these families to stay together..
Last Christmas was the first time that many of these families had an opportunity to celebrate Christmas... in fact they seldom really celebrate any holiday.. life is simply about surviving.
What was the difference last Christmas... The difference was YOU.. with out your support , Christmas would not have been possible for about 125 of these kids.. For Talant, this was an unbelievable dream come true, as you can see above he delivered personalized gifts to each of these children.. again it was because of your support.. with out it there would be nothing.. it is not like there is anyone else or any organization that will step up to the plate... Talant is it.. and he is our hands.. delivering HOPE because we can not be their personally..
I am thankful for his continued friendship.. I am thankful these families are together and the kids are not simply placed in institutions.. and I am thankful that they know that they are not alone in a dark world...
Let's send a  message to Talant that we appreciate his heart and send some donations his way .    Update ... This event has grown to about 250 kids .. and yes Talant is still Working hard to make it happen 

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Allison said...

I just donated $20 for Talant. I can't wait to see him get a pie in his face!