Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One of Kyrgyzstans newest orphans

One of seven adopted children we visited this week
Last weekend we had an opportunity of a life time .. We had a chance to spend time with not just some of our supporters , but they just happen to be wonderful families that have been put together through international adoption. As we watched kids laugh and play in loving peaceful homes, I could not help but think of the stark contrast with some of the children we left behind. Like the families who's single mothers dying wish was that she could have a washing machine for her kids so they will be OK when she dies.
One of Kyrgyzstan's newest orphans
On our last stop this week we helped the Danners make Christmas decorations as we are all gearing up for Christmas. What a special time of year when you are a kid.. the excitement and anticipation of the big day, and what parent does not want to make each and every Christmas a special one for your kids.. I can think of so many great gifts I would like to give my kids, and none of them include a washing machine...
Just think if you had the opportunity , or were asked to bring Kyrgyzstans newest orphan to your home for Christmas .. what could..or what would you do for him.. how much would you pour into his little life .. is there anyone that would turn their backs on him once you held him in your arms... Their are thousands just like him that our friends work with every day ... I have held many of them .. they are real and they are not going away .. and we are not turning our back on them .. That is why this year we need to raise $10 000 so that over 2000 children will know that they are not alone and that some one cares...that's only $5 a kid ... do we care that much? Maybe government politics or lobbying organizations like UNICEF do not want them in our homes, but that does not stop us from sending our friends to them.
I know it is early and Christmas seams like a long way away, but so is Kyrgyzstan, and arranging a Christmas of this magnitude does not happen over night .. that's why I am asking you to act now... make a donation today... re post this blog on you own blogs.. email to a friend..share on FB.. Twitter... what ever you can do ... please , just do it now.
If you are viewing this post from a source that does not include the donate buttons, please go to . Their you will find a running tally of who is willing to take a pie for a pledge of $500 or more as well pay pal buttons to receive your donations.

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Calvin wants to use his next round of "orphan money" for this. Pray for good sales Saturday! :)