Monday, December 20, 2010

How did you celebrate your last birthday ?

A few weeks back we had a good friend of LAMb's celebrate a birthday party. They wanted something special for the orphanage. In particular they new that the orphanage was setting up family rooms for the kids and were looking for some antenna's and DVD players.
Sergey went out and checked things out and realized that the TV's that they have antenna was going to help, so he decided that a new TV was the first place to sta
rt.. followed by a couple antenna's and a couple dvd players.
Boy were the kids excited to she him come.. they were quick to lend a hand.
I always remember my friend Ed telling me that it is not so much about the gift, but that the consistency is the important part. One time wonders are great, but it is the continued contact ..when you go back time and time again... It's all about having a relationship. We are so blessed that our sponsors continue to support so that we can continue to build and nurture those relationships. We will never fully comprehend what it means to these young orphans to have someone like Sergey as part of their lives...
I got a glimpse of that one time when I was delivering TV.. I was met in the hall by a young man.. he said that other people have come here and looked around and said that they would come back, but they never did... you said that you would come back and you did... with that his knees buckled as he turned to the wall weeping.. I caught him and just stood there giving him a hug... it was not about the TV.. it was about the on going love and support...
thank you for being faithful with us.

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