Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Emma's orphanage enjoys Christmas

Bringing Hope and Dignity to the hurting and lost is something that we have had as a mandate for many years. I don't know why I would be surprised when I see that those kids we poured into over the years would become HOPE for the future of Kyrgyzstan.
I received the latest batch of photo's from the Christmas celebrations from a small orphanage in town, but the exciting part of this is that this party was arranged and put into action by sponsored kids who understand first hand the blessing it is when some one remembers you.

These kids are at an orphanage that we always refer to as Emma's orphanage.. thats because the rest of us have not spent a lot of time with them, but Emma visits them regularly and got to be great friends with the kids when she was there for her extended stay. Aiperi has taken over where Emma has left off while she is state side. Aiperi is a good student, and time to time she wins "bonuses" from her school, and when she does she heads strait for the fruit stand to get food for the kids.

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