Tuesday, November 02, 2010

two new orphanes

Today I recieved some upsetting news that a lady we have been helping had passed away. The hardest part is that she leaves behind 2 beautiful children..
Below is their original storey from iam1ru.com but power is out and the bateries are nearly dead so I will have to share more when we have power again.

Today Larisa brought us to visit a small family that has faced a lot in the last few months. Their country has been torn apart by wars and revolutions, the economy has been destroyed, and the years of oppression have left them with only the basics and little ability to dream. Then if that was not bad enough, cancer has brought them to their knees. Desperate to help, Larisa had asked what a dying wish might be. It seemed so out there for me when I heard that they dreamed of a washing machine, that it would make life so much easier.

Iam1ru donors heard about this dream, and today we delivered a brand new washing machine to them. As we shared with them how people in North America cared for them, they began to cry because for them it was totally overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone that had a part in making this special moment possible.
Thank you so much for making this dream to come true!!!
September 2010

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