Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alas my poor Yorick... I knew him well

I began today thinking I was going off to by some wood for the Daysprings home, but planes changed. After we found the wood, I was met by BucketBeck who wasthere to help me find the perfect sheep for the party tonight... there were 7 birthdays tht we were celebrating, as well as a going away party for Turat.

After about a dozen stops we ended up at the bazaar where we had about 200 sheep to choose from... not to old, not to small.. looking for just the right one... Just when I thought I had found the right one, Bucket called Acel with a bit of distress, then after her saying something he seemed to relax... so I called her back to find out what he said.. he had told her " John Becky is looking at a strange sheep that has no BUT FAT.... what should I do"... Acel laughed and told him that's the way the Canadians like there sheep, and it was OK... I guess the saving factor was that the sheep came from Narin so that seemed to make it all better...

There was great excitement with many that were at the house for the big event... there is a whole ceremony that goes along with the killing of a sheep... and it is like some sort of right of passage or something.... every one had their part.

with the casan smoking and the Samavar ready with hot water for cleaning, the process began with a prayer.

Every single part of the lamb was carefully washed and prepared for this and future feasts..

We met in the multipurpose room at Day Springs. there were about 60 people in total there tonight.

Everyone joined in the fun.

After the meal, we had singing and traditional music by many of the Kyrgyz youth followed by Anya sharing few words about all the birthday people.

The evening finished with Talant, Sergey, Myself, and Turats pastor praying a blessing on his future travels, and that he would come home again safe..

If the purpose of our time in Kyrgyzstan is to 1. encourage the nationals 2.restore hope and dignity, 3. to bring hope for a future, and finally to promote change from within.... Tonight was our Magnum Opus...


David and Jayne Schooler said...

Oh we so agree...what a tremendous send-off my dear friends.....

Anonymous said...

How wonderful ! Wish so much I could have been there for that wonderful evening!