Friday, November 12, 2010

One last trip around the Valley

Yesterday was moving day for Turats family... YAY we got his documents to come to Ukraine... now we just need to get the family settled before we go. They are moving to the city to a home close to everything and a place that they can keep their animals. The home with Aiperia here and better schools as well as their friends and church family close, this is much more convenient. The main purpose for this home is an emergency bed for seniors. Many times seniors who are living on their own my get sick and need some help, but are still not in a place where they need to move to a seniors home. Aigoola and her family will provide the care needed to nurse these precious seniors back to health... It is a perfect match for Aigoola as she is such a wonderful caring host. In the back of the house there is a small chicken coop that in the near future we hope to clean out and renovate, and will make a great little studio for her sewing business.. she is also only about 1 1/2 km to the main Bazaar and 2 km to the day springs home where her friends Acel and Talant are the house parents.
It was kind of interesting watching them move.. so many of the things that we watched go into the house are now making the journey to the new home. As I was taking these photos, I could not help but think of the day a few years ago when they moved here from the orphanage. they each were carrying a small plastic grocery bag.. today it took a car, a bus, and three trips with a small utility truck....

This morning we stopped out to the seniors home in Kemin to bring them some medical supplies .. we went through the bag and wrote all the directions on them in Russian and explained the purpose.

After that we took a look at some of the latest projects.. the new back door

and the linoleum upstairs... here is a small TV room that they have set up in the hall

then we saw the new heating system in all the rooms upstairs ,

as well as the new linoleum and the new beds in place ready for the next guest.

There is nothing fancy about it at this point, but for the winter a warm bed sure beats cold manhole

From there it was off to the village to visit the community centre and see how they were doing . They have things well underway renovating the homes there to open a mens and women's rehab centre. Next week there workmen will be going to the rehab centre we work with near Bishkek to receive training, as well Vera is working on her Law degree and her friend is getting her accounting certificate to look after the administration... they are so enthusiastic.. I just found out that they have found someone that will be helping them to build a chicken barn for 1000 chickens so that the centres will be self sufficient.

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