Thursday, November 04, 2010

Asimba`s Need

I am not sure where I left off last, I know there will be so much to share in some catch up posts... it is almost time to do a big photo review again as well.
Today we are getting ready for a group of kids from the street orphanage in the city to come here foir a visit. They will go to the bazaar, and do a little shopping, then they will go to our shop to see the things that they made for sale there.. we will let them set up the items that we just purchased from them .
then after we will take them all out for lunch.
Yesterday we had a busy day .. Julie taught at the Humanitarian University in Bishkek, and we went to take a look at some containers that had been turned into class rooms .  We stopped to get  Totrats ticket..things did not go so well there.. we got the ticket , then they informed us that he will have to have signed, notarized consent by both parents before he can get on the plane.. we explained that there is no father available.. her response was ``that's not my problem... no letter flight``   and if we can not get it, there is no refund on the ticket... so I returned the ticket right away... and now the pressure is on to get this letter..   The problem now is that to get a notarized letter, even if we find this father and get him to a lawyer he does not have documents ... Not sure what we are to do now.. except call Olga... maybe we will find the right lawyer.....
Our last stop of the day was to a home orphanage in Bishkek.  We have helped them a few times, but have never actually met them.   One of the main reasons we wanted to go this time is that there is a very sick little girl there . She has a hole in her heart that needs to be repaired.  You can hear about kids and needs and feel bad, but when you sit with them and get to know them , it is a whole different feeling .. What it comes down to is that she needs an operation in the next couple weeks.. the cost will be somewhere between $500 and $700 depending on how extensive this turns out to be .. I wanted to see her before we left, because I knew that once we had met her and made a connection that we would not let it go... I really don`t want to wait until she is at risk.. right now she is not suffering, but our friends are concerned that this will not last long...  David and Jayne have posted more about her storey and a short video about her over on their blog .  Please take a minute and go visit her yourself... she is a beautiful bright young girl.

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