Monday, November 02, 2009

How about taking one for the kids ?

One of the most exciting times of the year for us is Christmas. For many of the children in the orphanages in Central Asia, Christmas is no different then any other day...for many , they do not even have a HOPE of anything special . Its not like they do not know about Christmas, they just have no one to make the day special for them. Without intervention by friends of P.I. rather then being a time of celebration , Christmas will only serve to reinforce the loneliness and the helplessness of their lives.

Last Christmas with the help of the LAJOY FAMILY CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE, over $2000 was raised and over 400 children experienced a day they will never forget.... and lets face it , we all had a little fun, and felt good about it.
Our original goal was $1000 to bring 100 kids to the the circus and out for supper... we surpassed that goal and we were able to bring Christmas to nearly 300 more kids that for one reason or another we could not take out of the orphanage. They were treated to a Christmas concert ( put on by kids from another orphanage) as well as presents and treats...
This may seem a little far fetched, but on a daily basis in Central Asia, our Dream Agents regularly support nearly 2000 children along with many others in Institutions... At $5 a person, how many people deserve the opportunity to know that they are special ?
Last year, the Lajoys started the challenge by stating that if $1000 could be raised in 2 weeks, Cindy would take a pie in the face from her sons... when that challenge was met in only a few days, I stepped up and offered the same if Dominic would join in.... that goal was met as well.... This year I have a vision.. or a simple dream if you will.... What if many of you got involved and "Took one for the Kids"... We will make this challenge $500... You let me know you will be stepping up and be willing to receive a pie in the face, and I will set up a pay pal button to keep track of sponsors on line... then as the targets are met , you take the photo's of the event, and forward them to me, and I will post them here... If 18 of you joined Cindy Lajoy and I in this challenge, none of our kids would be left out this year. I discussed this last night with my friend Dan, he has already put his name on the list, and is putting the challenge out to those he works with .... so really that leaves us with 17... are you up for the challenge.....?

If you want to "take one for the kids", email me at and I will send you more information as well as pledge sheets for those who do not wish to donate on line.

The Following is a re post of one of the Christmas events last year
Thanks to the amazing support of so many here in North America who met the "LaJoy family Christmas Challange" Kids in Kyrgyzstan had the type of Christmas that they could have only Dreamed.... Many have heard of a hamburger, and many had dreamed of one day going to the Circus, but can you just imagine the excitement when 62 kids where picked up from 2 different orphanages and three homes, and went out for an incredible night on the town...
just like real kids ...."over the top for this group" . What was next was more then they could have imagined ... There is no McDonald's in Kyrgyzstan, but we did find an new shopping center (Vefa) that has a McDonald style restaurant in a food court...

a place where only the elite would ever dream of going... in fact they have guards at the doors of the mall making sure only those with the means can enter..... How about that ... Our 62 kids smiling with joy as they march past the security guards.... Then came the food.... Hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, a treat... not to mention a gift that Anya had prepared for them ....

Here is part of the report from Anya

"We did a big fun party for kids. I know what you will poot the foto from that day, and please write for big, big thank s for all who help make that a nice, fun day. If you saw eyes, is was a big eyes when we was in VEFA :) All kids and old looked round and say " Wow"
Now just look a foto and you can see.Thank you what you maked this a good day for kids and for all us. In the car they exciting tolking about VEFA about humburger, they was very happy.
Praise God what we spent time like this day thenk you and other people who maked for all us. God bless you. Anya "

I have watched with great excitement over the years as Ed Dickson has brought thousands of Orphans to McDonalds . He has touched our hearts and has been one of the driving forces that has lead us to what we do today, But when I opened the photo's and saw our kids... not just generic kids, but MY kids and YOUR kids, I was over whelmed . Thank you Ed for the inspiration.... thank you "iam1ru" supporters for making it happen .

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Anonymous said...

It's their eyes that speak to me more than anything...what an honour to be a part of this.
For so little you can do so much!
Nuts! There goes my nose again.
♥ J