Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Pie challenge bonus

To make sure that no one is missed this Christmas, we have an added bonus to the pie in the face challenge .
The last few years , Life has brought me many exciting opportunities. I have met incredible people from all over the world that share our heart for the Hurting Helpless and Lost...those less fortunate that have fallen through the cracks of society... We have been blessed with the friendships that have been forged... One Man I am honoured to call my friend is singer / songwriter Kevin Paul's ... many would recognise him from the photo's above, or from his appearances with the Gaithers, but for me when I envision my friend Kevin, I see his heart.. I remember the few days we hosted his visit to KG..

Kevin standing at the edge of the dump making sure that no one was missed ...

whether it was a concert for those at the dump or for a personal concert for a sick and dying babushka, he gave his all to bring a little love and dignity to those around him.... well Kevin has reached out again.

I was just talking to him and he has made a wonderful offer... For every person that donates to the pie in the face challenge to bring Christmas to the less fortunate in Central Asia, Kevin would like to give you a free download of "Mary did you know" off of his new Christmas CD... then at the end of the challenge, one of the donors will be drawn for the full CD....

every one who helps us make this a special Christmas will be emailed their promo code in time for Christmas... all you will have to do is go to and enter your promo code to down load this special offer.

So if you have not yet made a donation to this great cause, now is the time...

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