Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another catch up post

I have been busy with the pie challenge for the last week, now have fallen a little behind... so I will try to catch up...
I got this email from Jengish a few days ago

I took a bunch of photos of our friend, but he looks miserable on the other ones. I got him to smile on this one. Thanks again for helping with his tires:)
Jengish "the Horse Tickler"
I had to laugh... THAT is the smile... I can just imagine what the other pictures look like.... But smile or no smile, he sure was happy to receive these tires in time for really meant a lot to him... ,he needs to learn how to smile from the

A few hours away, a bunch of orphans received new shoes and socks in time for winter.. now thats a smile!. It was a busy day for our friends .. apparently there is a special market that is only open late night until early morning.. everything is sold in bulk there, but is way cheaper then the store, so they were up all night trying to get just the right sizes....but that's not all... then then had a special birthday to attend sponsored by one of you....
Our friend wrote ...

Hello my friends!!!
This is a Birthday party of our Dilshoda. Can you believe she is 15 years
old already.
Couple years ago a huge miracle happened-she began to
walk. All her life she was sitting at home and could only crawl, she has
cerebral palsy. I remember how our lady was sharing about her-“ Dilshoda
began to make few steps, then after a while she could walk a long distance
but in a very-very long time but….after sometime she began to run and I
could not even ketch her “
Dilshoda really wanted to have a cup, her own cup.
Thank you so much, my friends, for making possible for us to
Make this kids happy and throw Birthday party for them which
they never had before!!!
Tomorrow I will try to catch up on a few more fun stories...

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