Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hands of Hope .

Today is a very special day... It is a day that marks a new beginning... While in Central Asia, our friend Paula got the privilege of presenting not just a new apartment , but a new way of life to a special family. Many of you know and have been following the life's adventures of Altynai and her brothers and sisters. Today Paula gave them the keys to the apartment that the kids have been renovating the last few weeks. It is located in the same apartment block as Three of our friends, and is beside the school the kids go to... This city will be much safer for the kids as well as provide more job opportunities for the older kids... There are just so many pluses to this ... They were all so excited ... jumping up and down and crying... I teased Altynai.. I said, are you sure that the wallpaper in the Girls room is not too pink... she laughed and said "Dad.. I was the one that picked it out, it's beautiful. !" Then very solemnly the father said, "Well if this is my home now.... every body better get back to the door and take their shoes off..."

This is going to be a lot of work for every one involved , But I am confident that the work will be worth it....

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