Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Every Day Philanthropist

- Every Day Philanthropist -
" a person who daily gives of their time, energy, passion and resources to help fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting , helpless and hopeless "

P.I. is at it again!! Another CRAZY IDEA! This time from our Brand New Dream Agent; MATTHEW SCOBEL ...Computers for Kids in KENYA, AFRICA! At PI, we are thrilled over this new opportunity to bring computers right into the homes of these orphan children! These kids have been rescued from oblivion and taken into newly constructed homes with their own set of foster parents; and now will have the opportunity to learn computer skills right in their own home on some of the most high tech computers in the world! That's CRAZY:) You need to read Matt's personal account here - we applaud his sharp thinking and his drive to give these kids the shot at life and education they deserve... That's an Everyday Guy practicing Everyday Philanthropy at its Best!

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