Monday, August 24, 2009

Great weekend

We just got home from an incredible weekend with our friends in Espanola...Jody, who came with us to Central Asia last March, and her husband have a beautiful place on a lake up there, but what is even more beautiful is their family and friends that we have come to love and appreciate.. Over the last few years, they have not only made the journey them selves but have continued to support the on going efforts of our friends. Along with themselves, there are many others in the area that sponsor children through the sponsorship program. Emma has been busy putting together reports for them this summer. One of the sponsors, we have a special connection with... Along with being Jody's, Mom, Carol is also one of Altynai's sponsors... Last spring she had sent an art book to Altynai, and right away, Altynai went to work and drew this picture and sent it back for Carol... Yesterday Carol proudly showed off the new addition to her wall... Carol is an accomplished artist herself, in fact the most common desktop photo on my computer is this one that Carol painted.

In fact this photo was turned into a greeting card and sold at a recent art show, and enough money was raised to purchase another 20 mattresses... how awesome is that... In a land where a warm mattress can be the difference between living through the winter... or NOT... this donation will be appreciated more than Carol will ever know... Once again it is so cool to see a small entrepreneurial project turn into a massive Philanthropic blessing

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