Saturday, February 17, 2024

So blessed we could help

  Sergey stepped off the path and found himself in some deep snow .  But don't feel to sorry for him.. he does have beautiful mittens he could be warring.    I guess this is how we learn hahaha. 

Valentines day usually marks the end of winter,  and maybe just one or two more little snow falls that are gone as soon as the sun comes up, but not this year. 

It's not just the cold, but we are getting the snow as well.

We thought we were finished with the coal for this year, but many people who thought they had enough coal are now calling for some help 

Even families that we brought coal to earlier are getting scared that they will not make it.  So now rather then bringing a full ton of coal in a delivery we are bringing about 1/4 ton to last for the next few weeks . 

With the lasting cold, some of the water lines have started to freeze up again.  So when done delivering coal for the day, they have loaded the water tanks back on to the truck and out on water deliveries late into the evening. 

There is a saying , "A hard winter" .. Yes winter is a lot of hard work,  but God provides, gives strength and makes a way .. So Blessed we have the boys to help, the truck to do the deliveries , a solid team to supervise and organise. But it does not happen with out the resources, that's why we are so blessed by YOU.. thank you for making it possible to bring LOVE and LIFE to those in a desperate time. 

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