Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Helping families make it through the winter.

 Maybe by now you are starting to get a little desensitized to all the coal photos .. but stop for a minute and imagine being on the receiving end .  At this point the winter has been long and cold and the coal they had been able to purchase them selves at the beginning of the year is used up .   Winter will just not stop.    Today eight more families received the boost of coal and food needed to get them through the winter. 

It sure makes me smile when I see our guys working so hard to be a blessing to others .. Those are life skills right there !

A shout out to everyone who sponsored food and coal .. an an honorable mention to those who helped purchase and maintain the little white truck that has become such a symbol of HOPE

Back in Canada , Julie and I were thrilled to meet with a special group of ladies from the Knitting With A Purpose group who work year round making all the hats , scarves mittens and other wonderful creations that they send to Kyrgyzstan to bless the people there. 

Here are a few of the mitts we gave out on our last trip. 
this day we had a small orphanage and some families to the kashar for a picnic, horse back riding and knitting give away . 

If you notice the yurt in this picture you will see that it is in pretty rough shape and is no longer water tight.  We will be replacing the yurts this spring if we are able to secure the funding .. In total we will need about $3000 to be back in business with this need . 

Mark your Calendar if you are in the area .

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