Thursday, February 08, 2024

Beauty from Ashes

Thankfull that this need has been covered .

 For many years the drive up to the mountains brought us through what was being used as a dump.. It was not a real dump, it was just a spot on the side of the road where people started dumping off their trash .. It was not even in one spot , it spread all along the side of the road.  From there, the wind would blow all the bags out into the adjoining fields ... it was a real mess.   We tried a few times to clean it up, we brought in big tractors and trucks to haul it away but in a few weeks it was back again. 

A couple years ago , one man and his son started to care for this land , they got the garbage removed and then stayed there to chase people away who tried to dump.  They then began to plant a tree hedge , and flowers , even a strawberry patch .. They put a little picnic shelter beside the water , and a yurt for people to get out of the heat.  They are doing an amazing job at reclaiming this land. 

This morning Beken came to the farm looking for me .  

He had a request .. There is a section on the land that he would like to plant 30 apple trees and 10 pear trees.  The total cost of this will be $150. He has used all his recourses and was wondering if we could help.   As a side note , $150 is what we spent each time we cleaned the dump up... Any ways , we would love to be able to help with this request if some one would like to sponsor trees . 

Here is a short video of the days coal deliveries .  What a blessing that we were able to do this . 

One of the people receiving coal was a top up for a Babushka that we had visited with coal in the fall.  She was ready with a bag of Borsolk and some apples for the boys .

On the farm the boys put some finishing touches on their bird houses then put them up in the trees around the main house .  

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