Monday, November 20, 2023

Picking up the pace.

Comings soon ...

One of my favorite memories as a kid was the day that the Christmas wish book would arrive .  I would pour through the book of dreams and circle things I would like, put a marker in the page, and maybe bend down the corners all to make it obvious to my parents what I now knew I could not live with out . 

We will be unveiling this this years wish book next week.  BUT .. we do have a few needs that I would like to get taken care of and out of the way before then 

We have a young girl we are helping.  She had a syst on her forehead that they were told would be fine , but it did not get any better so they took her to a different clinic where they operated right away to remove the syst and part of her scull as it had attached to deeply.  The family has extended all their credit to be able to care for her but still have after care expenses.  We would like to be able have $250 to help with the on going care. 

Next up, We are heading to the baby orphanage tomorrow .  We will be bringing them blankets and knitted baby cloths. they have also asked for help with cleaning supplies and laundry soap.  We would like to have about $150 for this need. Any extra that comes in before we go, we will buy bananas for them. This need we only have today to collect for as we will be going tomorrow. 

Nest up is a request for a loan from Talbek our Bee guy.  He Needs $500 to plow and replant his fields .  Last summer there was a terrible drought and he lost the entire crop and still had some debts from planting, so he is in a tough place .  It would be tempting to just give up , but he is still trying to move ahead. 

We also have some tuitions that are coming due for the winter semesters as well as help for Nicks student loan. In total we will need to come up with $4000 for this next term .  

Today was a rain day so we have been working inside.  We put the floor down in the storage room and have started going through our house and packing bags and totes to go out to the room.  So nice to have an organized storage. 

Then in our kitchen I made a live edge shelf to go over our work area to make some room there for working at the table .. Its still a little wet, but by tomorrow we will start moving things on to it. I

Tomorrow along with the baby orphanage, we will be also  delivering more coal around the farm village and the kashar village.   I think we have about 25 families to go.  

We have started to pick up the pace here a bit , we have just under two weeks left to go before we head back to Canada ... via Turkey, Amsterdam, Iceland then home.  


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