Thursday, November 09, 2023

Making Reservations by faith !

Today was a rain day, so Julie and I came to Bishkek to do a bit of shopping and to go and make reservations for my Birthday outing. 

Who doesn't love bowling and pizza .. Well actually I don't love it myself, but I sure do love taking kids bowling .  It is such a great way to get  kids to open up and interact with each other and with the adults .. so much better then going to a movie where they sit in the dark and not speak to each other.   We will also add in new winter boots.   We have found a boot store that will have enough sizes for everyone and they give a good discount for orphans, so we will stop there on our way. 

They have opened a new pizza shop in the same building as the bowling alley  so that will be convenient .  

Pizza, salad, cheese sticks and drinks will be $100 for 50 people , and the bowling for 35 kids will be $80.  

 the boots for the orphanage and the farm boys will be about $500. and the bus to get everyone there and home again will be another $100.  so total is $900 so that works out to just $18 a person .. 

We have $500 in already, and looking for another $400.   I would love to have the money in place by my birthday on the 14th .. Maybe consider not just making me happy for my birthday but also give a kid an incredible day AND warm feet for the winter, and then  stay tuned to the blog on the Saturday the 18th. 

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