Monday, December 13, 2021

Boots on the ground .... meeting the needs

Tanya was busy out today filling some of the Christmas wishes from the Christmas wish book  as well as some simple dreams from Possibilities International dream machine  here is what she says 

"Hallo, John. Thank you very much. Today spent time at the bazar to bought clothes for children.. For Artem, we bought a warm winter jacket, warm winter boots, three socks, two warm pants.. when Artem's shoes were washed, he hadn't no socks and warm hoses. He also told me that they ate a pie for breakfast
 that they brought from the dump yesterday. 
I was frustrated. For Vialetta we bought a warm jacket and everything necessary for drawing..., Natasha bought a warm jacket and warm boots.. it was difficult for Natasha to choose shoes because she has a spinal problem. We've been to the bazaar all day. The children really wanted to eat I fed them. Tomorrow I'll go to the bazaar with another family... Thank you so much the children so happy have all new .."

Talking to Vlad we discussed help needed with food for a couple rehab centres , as well as eight more families needing coal that he hopes to deliver on friday .  We also discussed a few more ways that we could help people this winter .  So I have been able to move several wishes over to the done list , but today I have added three new ones . 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us out with the wish list .. We have seen so many incredible things already , hearts touched, lives saved and futures changed .. made possible because of your help. 


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