Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Blessed to be a blessing !

For Vova and his family, this was Christmas ! Tanya just got back from spending the day with them . 

"Hallo John.. Today was busy day with Nastya , she is Mother of boy who have cancer. We bought everything necessary for Katya, Vitalina and Vova ,children were very happy to receive gifts of their dreams... especially for Vova, today all his dreams have come true. He was very happy to get a lot of gifts.. Thank you very much"

 As we head into this Christmas we are feeling a little sorry for ourselves that we can not be there in person for people like Tanya who lost her grandmother this year , and for Kamala and Nick and the farm kids who we were so looking forward to spending time with, and for all our coworkers who have worked so hard these last two years bringing hope to those around them.  Wondering how we can ever make it up to them.  But for people with a heart of Gold, simply giving them an opportunity to be a blessing to others can be some of the biggest blessing of all... blessed to be a blessing !

Tanya goes on to writes  "Thank you 💕 I love you all 🥰❣️. For me this was biggest blessings that we bought this all for this family . Especially for this boy. Thank you." 

There are still lots of opportunities to be a blessing to others in the Christmas Wish Book ... 

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