Tuesday, December 07, 2021


If you notice in the Christmas Wish Book, we are doing great with many of the individual needs .  I Think it is likely because there is a face to the need .  It makes it more personal.  The wishes that have not had as much attention are the food hampers  and gift boxes and parties for the institutions and families in need , like those living around the Dump . 

So today I wanted to bring a little more personal glimpse to those in the two needs .. Christmas food hampers and orphanage gift boxes 

It is difficult to convey just how much HOPE that a small gift will bring .. I remember one year I arrived in the spring and the kids from the orphanage could not wait to tell me about their Christmas and how someone came to them and brought a gift for every child .. It was four months later and he told it to me like it was yesterday ... and went into great detail about what each person got.   I regularly hear from kids years later that tell how excited that they were to receive the Christmas gifts.  This is not a one day treat, this is a life time impact.   

But it is not just in the orphanages .. many times those are the lucky ones because for them someone else worries about their needs .. There are families and kids out their that daily hunt and gather just to be able to have a meal that night .   We want to reach them too.  Here is a video from Tanya and the people she brought Christmas to last year . 

But it was not just Tanya out there .  With the help of our friends  delivered gifts and parties to 5 different orphanages, 2 hospitals, 3 homeless shelters, the blind society and the Babushka group.  

This next video is from the Celebration with those from the Blind Society .. many who live in darkness 356 days of the year, yet we can bring the LIGHT into that darkness .


As you can see from all these photos and videos , There is a lot of work and planning that goes into the process. shopping and packing bags and gifts .. all that before a single party can be planed . 

This is why the sooner we know how many we will be able to reach the better .. It is a HUGE help to our friends to have some time to plan and prepare .. And the only way we know where we stand is when people like you act now and make a donation .  I get bills in the mail that state ... ACTION REQUIRED ... I then pay them but don't necessarily get any satisfaction from it .. But I can assure you that donate today to one of these needs and you will feel blessed knowing that you had a part in bringing that HOPE into the lives of so many .  

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