Friday, November 17, 2017

Irrigation system is all up and running.

The irrigation system is all up and running.   I am trying to make it as simple as possible for our kids this winter.  First in the line is a float switch.  This will maintain the water level of the pools at a constant level, turning on and off automatically.  

the next stage is a siphon pipe that will keep the water levels in both pools the same, so as one fills so will the other. 

Next step is a pump and pressure  tank that pumps from the second pool and then is pipped around the two green houses to hoses.  The pump will come on and off automatically to maintain water pressure when watering.    I also have a second line that is a direct line that does not go trough the pools so we can buy pass and still water when there is now power. 

The next step will be tomorrow.   I have soaker hoses that will be strung up above the strawberries, so that half of the green house will get a slow gentle watering with warm nutrient rich water with the turn of a valve.  Tomorrow we will also add the floating plant beds on the top of the pools .  

We have located a supplier for carp.   We are going to pick them up on Monday.  We will start with 250 fish.  The fish will live under the floating pads.  they will put carbon dioxide into the green house and  also their waist will add nutrients to the water. 

Aigoola and Aiperi were in the city for back treatments today so I was on duty for lunch..   I had my hands full with the plumbing so lunch today consisted of a case of  ramma noodles of all flavors dumped out on the table.. It was actually a hit with the kids .. 

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