Saturday, November 18, 2017

Greenhouse irrigation part two

Yesterday we worked on getting the pumps and the irrigation lines run in the green houses.   Today we added the soaked hoses on to the lines .  

It was a cold day, and Aiperi had a bit of a chill so she came over to work in the green house for a bit to get warmed up .  34 C that is close to 98 F with a 65% humidity . 

in the photo above you can see the beads of water starting to form on the hose .  Now we can water the strawberries and the greens under them with the turn of a valve.  Warm nutrient rich water from the fish pools .   Speaking of fish pools, they will be picked up on Monday morning.  We will start with just 250 fish to make sure that the whole system works well, then we will build from there as we work out the kinks.  

The section of the green house beside the pools will be our planting beads . here we will start our seedlings for next spring, as well we will be planting flowers for sale in the market when people start planting gardens in the spring.  a single small potted plant here is worth about 50 cents. so even if we can set up a bit of a whole sale network that will be a good revenue source for the farm.

Today we brought over an old rabbit hutch that we had and we will use it as a planting station.  The bags around it are full of well aged manure from the mountain barn.  

Next up is the planting of the floating plant beds.  For this we used a closed cell sophomore.  We then cut holes in it with a hole saw.  then with the same size saw we cut out plugs of roxsal insulation.  

This is where we had McGyver it a little.  there are special baskets that drop into the hoes that stop the insulation from falling down into the water.  since the are not available here we have found plastic cups and cut them down to size so the fit snug, then we cut some big holes in the bottom allowing places for water to get in and the roots to get out.  this is the first of six sheets that will go in each pool containing 45 plants for a total of  270 plants peer pool .  Tomorrow we will finish this part of the process . 

this next picture is our cuteness  for the day . 

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