Monday, November 13, 2017

filling the pools

Its a funny time of year to be filling a pool, but not when you are in a green house.  We are now at the stage of setting up the irrigation system. this will include two fish ponds with floating plant beds on the top.  We will start with carp, a very popular fish here to eat, and one that will give a lot of fertilizer into the water.  The plants we will start with are bok choy and Chinese cabbage two other popular food items .  I wanted to plant romaine lettuce but can not find the seeds here.  I have ordered them through a local supplier but they will not get here for a while so we will get one harvest in before we plant them.   Eventually we will be growing tolopia rather then carp.  I have experience breading and raising them so we will be able to produce our own fry. I still have not found them live here, and do not want to be the one to introduce a new species so until we can source locally we will stick to carp.  

The water system will be tied to this so that we will be watering with warm high nutrient water pumped strait from the pools.   I have a float switch set up so that as we draw off the old water the tank will refill with fresh water maintaining a constant level we also have air pumps to keep the water oxygenated. 

Next we have soaker hoses that will be strung through the strawberry pots. this will give them a slow gentle watering and then drip through to the lettuce bellow. 

By this time next week we may even be eating our first pick of lettuce. 

Up at the yurts, we have put a protective canvas on the yurts.  This will keep them dry for the winter, and keep the cold winds out.  We will also be able to extend the season for the yurts by a couple months spring and fall. 

 Vlady came to the farm today with the plum trees for the new fuit garden where the chicken pen was .  We have 9 new plum trees of three different variety's, and tomorrow I will pick up to peach trees as well.  Then this spot will be the summer home of the strawberries from the green house.   We hope to put up a tapchan ( picnic shelter ) here as well.  

This truck below is the last of 100 tons of coal (220 000 lbs) we will be receiving.  Already coal has gone up by 60% and has no sign of slowing down.  Half the truck was dropped at the farm and the other half dropped at a friends who will help to deliver it to 5 families in need.  The coal at the farm has been bagged up and we will deliver,  some of  it tomorrow to another family in need, and the rest the next day to two more.   

 It has been such a blessing to be able to be a part of helping so many this season.  That said I am sure the boys will be happy that its over.  The poor guys have worked soooo hard. I think when this is over we should have some special little treat for them.   Not once have they grumbled or complained, or even shown any sign of displeasure.  They really are great kids.  

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