Friday, June 30, 2017

welcome to The Farm Rustan

I am happy to introduce you to our newest member of The Farm family .  Rustan is quite the clown .. no literally, we first met him when he was working as a clown as an assistant to Bubbles the clown.  He has helped us at the orphanages and community centers as we have traveled the valley .  We are happy to have him with us now. Please remember him, and the others  over the next few weeks especially as he settles in and finds his way .  

the first time we met Rustan (link or original story)

Hope to the hopeless  (link or original story)

I am happy to give a great update about Auxana.  We had a sponsor come forward to replace her chickens and ducks and some .. so as soon as we rebuild the barn we will fill it up again ..  she will be receiving  12 chickens 10 ducks 5 geese 1 milk goat and 2 kids plus 2 pigs will be given to support other families that we know .  we still have some animals available right now to go to families in need .  by this time tomorrow what ever is not sold will be loaded into a truck and go to market .  

Yesterday I shared about the quilt going to Espanola to one of our supporters who helped with the challenge to get Jengish and Emma's baby to Canada .. oh ya .. and them too. we 

Our goal is $5000 to cover their flights, the additional flight expenses for Julie and I to go back early (summer rates are a lot more ) to host teams and help at the farm as well as purchasing medical insurance .  Between the donations and our visa , we able to purchase tickets on Tuesday  night   It got scary for a bit, the flights went from about $2200 each to over $3000 in a mater of minutes , even going directly to the airlines site they were up over $3000 and the site forecaster indicated that they would be going up more.  After some nail biting and hair pulling I was able to get the flights for $2900 for the two of them .  They will drive to Almaty Kazakhstan and fly out from there, with one stop in Frankfort . looks like a good flight . 
Julie and I will fly out separately .  I will get in to KG a few days before the team to help get things ready , and Julie will fly in with the guests coming from Canaada.  We have long transfers in Paris, 13 hours on the way there , and 26 hours on the way back, but it saves over $1000 each so we will deal with it . 

Next up is the travel medical insurance.  Emma must be in Canada for three months before her health insurance kicks back in , so we will need to bridge that , as well we will need coverage for Jengish .  The difficult part was finding an insurer who will except her being expecting.  Then I found a Manulife policy that will except her up until the third trimester , so we are in just under the wire. .. $995 for Jengish for the year and $360 for Emma for the 92 days .  so that is the next hurtle .. we need to find Close to $1500 after taxes , but we do have until the 18th to purchase this so I have a bit of time to transfer through the banks any support that comes in during the next week .  

Blanket Auction 

I mentioned that I had one more blanket available.  For this one we will remove any chance , we will simply send it to the highest bidder.  The proceeds will go to purchase more material both for the sewing room and for the wood shop .  If you would like to place a bid you can do that through FB or email me directly .. I will keep current High bid each day posted here on the blog .  This auction will run until Juy 7.   current high bid is $45.  

Aiperi in the sewing room with some of the purses and pillows she is making for the gift shop 

Matat in the work shop with a corner bench he is building 

Today the boys were out picking Cherries ,   Not a bad haul for the morning .  Looks like we are going to have to start buying more canjing supplies again soon . Good job boys .

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