Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The harvest is beginning

Despite winter hanging on for a full extra month this spring, we have started to harvest.  We were able to start these cucumbers in the green house.  the first batch we planted directly in the fields were not so fortunate, but they have been replanted and will be bearing fruit shortly as well. . 

prices have started falling at the bazaar  so we will start canning for the winter . 

this is the second plant for these , but they are catching up quickly 
in the green house the tomatoes are continuing to grow 
lots of tomatoes  now we just need them to start getting ripe 
they are starting to get some colour in them, it should not be long now 
peppers are doing well .. there were a few spots that the snow took out, but the rows are double planted, and we found from other years that it gets too crowded to get in and pick, so we left the open spots rather then replanting so we have some spots to work in the field and put the crates when picking 
Peppers are starting to form 

  The tomatoes in the fields are just small but they are starting .. close to the kitchen we have a section of garden that has a little bit of everything so that they don't have to walk to the other end of the garden to get produce for the table ..  the photo on the right is the red cabbages in that garden .  

the zucchini is looking ready to start picking now as well .. these are small but in a few days they will be huge

cucumbers are starting to look full 

the trees are starting to fill with fruit as well .  That is nice to see.. the apples in the market have been too expensive to buy for a couple months now, so it will be nice to have more fruit to give out 

we have about 1000 of these in this section of the garden .. they will be ready to pick soon as well 

It is always hard for me to  be  back in Canada away from the Gardens .. so much work goes into planting and the first major weeding , then I leave ,, I love walking through the gardens every day watching the produce grow.  So this year we decided that since Emma and Jengish will be here in Canada for the harvest, we would  plant a few things.. certainly nothing the the scale of Kyrgyzstan , but its a start .. . Here are my tomatoes and cucumbers . in Canada . hahaha 

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