Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hope to the Hopeless

How many times have you found yourself in what seems like a Hopeless situation.    I know I have .. even this last couple weeks I have had a few sleepless nights worrying about all the things going on .. The financial pressures of Jengish and Emma returning to Canada and Julie and I going back early, the pressures of restructuring the work we do in Kyrgyzstan so that no one is neglected.  then there are the on going pressures.  One of our co workers is going in on Monday for an operation others need some dental work , and then in the middle of  all that there is this. Auxana's home and barn hit by the winds ..  and she is still smiling, and not simply because she was told to .. (we all know that does not work there hahaha )

The Hurricane winds that blew through took part of the roof off her home, and also destroyed  her barn, and blew away her chickens and ducks that she raises to support her family.   She is very worried and upset .. but life has been so hard for her that this is not an unfamiliar place she finds herself now.    I guess when you don't have much , you don't have much to loose ,  or is that when you don't have much, it is easy to loose everything !

We have seen hopelessness before , and I am sure we will see it again.  But time and time again I have seen hope restored , like our Babushka who lost everything in a fire a year ago, then had so much restored in the fall thanks to many of you. 


So What to do about Auxana .. Well as soon as I get back we will begin reconstruction with a team coming  .. we have some roof tiles to repair the house, and we will salvage what we can from the barn and rebuild.  You see we are not rebuilding a barn, we are rebuilding a life.   Once the barn is rebuilt, we will bring her to the farm and let her pick out some new chickens and ducks .. we happen to have a few .  

Auxana is not the only one that we know right now in a seemingly hopeless position.  Only a little over a week ago through the support of a group in Patrolia, we were able to bring some goats from the farm to help out some families in need. 

here is a short video of the goats arriving ... ( No idea why they arrived in the back of our car but that's life at the farm for you )

As part of our restructuring , we have decided it is best to down size our animals right now while the prices are higher rather then waiting for the fall when everyone is selling .. It will also take some of the pressure off of the workers at the farm with out Jengish and Emma there,  then once everyone finds their place we can look at expanding the herd again .  At this time we will be keeping the sheep, and a few cows , as well as the cows that those at the farm have bought for their future investments . This weekend they will be taking a truck load of goats and cows to the market. 

I got thinking that this might be a great opportunity to continue to bless people like Auxana and others who find themselves in hopeless situations .  If any of you would like to purchase one of the animals from the farm. we will make sure that if finds the perfect home and restores hope to the hurting helpless or lost .. 

here is what we have for sale 

milk goats                 $125
kids                         $50
Large milk cow          $1000
two year old  cow that is ready
 to start having calves $800 
one year old female cow  $500 
Geese                $15
Ducks              $10
Chickens        $8
            Pig          $100 

I have a fun announcement to make .  The winner of the first quilt is one of our great sponsors in Espanola Ontario.  Maybe when Jengish and Emma get back we can have them bring it up in person.  A great chance for them to visit many of our friends there . 

We still have a ways to go, but were able to get almost half of the flights covered so we were able to purchase them last night , now we just need half so we can pay back the visa card when the bill comes in . 

If you would like one of these beautiful quilts, check back tomorrow and I will share how you can get one as well. 

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